Mumtahin Monzoor

About me

I am a highly motivated individual with experience in fraud research, data analytics, predictive modeling, and supervised machine learning. I am currently working at Interac Corp, Canada's best in class payments network. Using cutting edge data science tools, I am committed to deriving new models, fine tuning existing predictors, and curating fraud prevention strategies that lower losses from financial crime. While working full time my passion for continuos improvement has led me to pursue a Masters degree at University of Pennsylvania to better solidify my knowledge of computer science fundementals.

I have recevied the Queens' Golden Jubilee Award due to my strong leadership and commitment to volunteering. Starting out with an undergraduate degree in Science and Business (Bsc.) with a Biotechnology specialization, I have worked across 7 different industries and developed a wide array of skills. As I continue to develop and thrive in my career, I want to apply these skills and solve problems that span across organizational domains.

Whether you want to connect with me about a cool data science project, talk about payments, or create a protein visualization tool, I will be more than happy to get a conversation started!

Collecting Data from APIs

These are series of tutorial notebooks I created as tutorials for the Big Data and Social Sciences course previously offered at the University of Waterloo.

Virtual Movie Renetal Store

This was the final project for University of Pennsylvania's CIT 591 course on Software Development. Keeping the user's experience on an e-commerce platform in mind, this project was designed to mimick a movie rental store.

Visualizing Pot Holes in the City of Toronto

This is a tutorial initially posted on Medium.comcovering the usage of open data from the city of Toronto!

  • CIT 596 Algorithms & Computation - covering algorithmic complexity, graph theory, P vs. NP, etc. Expected completion of this course is Aug 2020. Credits for all the other courses described below has already been earned.

  • CIT 595 Computer Systems Programming - course covered advanced programming in C for Linux, specifically the libraries that programmers use for concurrency and synchronization. Additionally introduced important concepts in modern operating systems: processes, scheduling, caching, and virtual memory.This course also covers how processes communicate across a network, using low-level socket programming and high-level web technologies.

  • CIT 594 Data Structures and Algorithms - The usage of various data structures such as arrays, lists, stacks, queues, trees, hash maps, and graphs are covered in this course. The course will also focus on software design and advanced Java topics such as software architectures, design patterns, networking, multithreading, and graphics.

  • CIT 593 Introduction to Computer Systems - Course was taught in C programming language and an instruction set (machine language) as a basis for understanding how computers represent data, process information, and execute programs.

  • CIT 591 Introduction to software development - covered features of Object-Oriented programming languages including objects and classes, inheritance, and interfaces. In addition to programming, this course also covered best practices and aspects of software development such as software design and software testing.

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    +Toronto, ON