Mumtahin Monzoor

About me


I am a recent graduate from University of Waterloo. My main focus in study has been computational biology, genomics, and bioinformatics. I am passionate about scientific outreach and pariticipating in projects related to various topics in life sciences.

Professional Experience

I have worked in the various industries over the course of last 6 years. I started working in Library and Information services in 2012. From there, I moved on to working in the payments industry while I pursued my educational and personal interests in life sciences.

Twitter Advanced Search with Selenium

This is a tutorial focusing on filling out forms like the Twitter Advanced Search Form using Selenium in Python!

NY Times API

Introductory project on using NY Times API

Visualizing Pot Holes in the City of Toronto

This is a tutorial initially posted on Medium.comcovering the usage of open data from the city of Toronto!


+Toronto, ON